2017 BMW 3-series

With the Series 3, BMW combines adventure and driving pleasure that only the German automaker can. This car satisfies both form and function, coming as it does with a sleek, new eye-catching design and a new generation of engines. This is power cloaked in beauty, with flowing lines carried by a sporting engine. Available in the Saloon, Touring, Gran Turismo, Saloon PHEV and X3, the 2017 BMW 3-series gives you a wide range of options to choose from, offering nuances that only the most sophisticated tastes can appreciate.

2017 BMW 3-series front

2017 BMW 3-series – Improved Interiors:

Speaking of flowing lines, the 2017 BMW 3-series offers its Saloon and Touring models as one of the new standards of exterior beauty. The exterior is given a bit of a facelift, with a few updates to its signature design. Aerodynamics is given more attention as the frame is made slenderer and elongated.

In accordance with its sporting pedigree, the 2017 BMW 3-series is undoubtedly masculine in appearance. The LED lamps provide a nice accent and emphasize the car’s athleticism, and the refreshed front design provides a subtle update.

It also comes with a powerful new 16-speaker sound system courtesy of Harman Kardon. Besides that, there’s not much is to be said for the Series 3’s interior — it’s the same luxurious, roomy comforts but with a few updates and a bit more legroom. A glossy black center console with a lid for cupholders are some examples of the signature BMW luxury touch. There are numerous special features and add-ons you can choose from. You can get front and rear parking sensors, cameras (rear, surround, and side-view), lane departure warning, and frontal collision warning. You can even go the extra mile and spring for the frontal collision mitigation – the car will automatically brake for you.

You can also further splurge on trims like auto-dimming mirrors, keyless entry and ignition, voice-controlled navigation system, color head-up display, and a touchpad iDrive controller that will read your handwriting. The possibilities are endless.

2017 BMW 3-series interior

2017 BMW 3-series – Modification under the Hood:

Under the gorgeous hood of the 2017 BMW 3-series lies an even more beautiful beast — its new generation of TwinPower turbo engines gives you a more powerful drive. The four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines provide an additional 20 horsepower and 30 more pound-feet of torque, as opposed to the 2.0 and 3.0 liters they replaced (for example, the 330e Gran Turismo plug-in-hybrid turbo engine will take over the well-loved Nitrous20). This is an electric motor powered by a lithium-particle battery set. Codenamed G20, this series is expected to be a leader in the small sedan category. Core powertrains is expected to remain turbocharged for the United States market. A high-performance M3 engine variant is also expected. Also available as an alternative is a six-speed manual transmission for all the rear-wheel and four-wheel models. Handling is easy and elegant, fuel economy is more than decent, and safety scored consistently high with government and independent tests.

2017 BMW 3-series rear

2017 BMW 3-series – Price and Release Date:

The 3-series BMW is expected to be released in early 2017. It will come in a variety of models that also provide different price points. The Station Wagon Gran Turismo has a net MSRP of $42,995 and a monthly leasing option of $631.

The 328i xDrive Gran Turismo Wagon SULEV 4-door all-wheel drive is available at a base MSRP of $43,995 with 240 bhp, 255 lb-ft, and 8-speed Automatic.

Another automatic option is the 8-speed 335i xDrive Gran Turismo Wagon at $50,195. This is a 4-wheel drive with 300 bhp, and 300 lb-ft horsepower.

The 328i xDrive Sports Wagon comes at a base $43,645 MSRP, or a lease of $626 per month. This is for the 4-door all-wheel drive, 240 bhp, 255 lb-ft, 8-speed Automatic. The 328d xDrive Sports Wagon options is available at $45,125 base MSRP — 4-door all-wheel drive, 180 bhp, 280 lb-ft, 8-sp Automatic.

The 320i Sedan comes at a base MSRP of $34,145, 4-door rear-wheel drive car, 180 bhp, 200 lb-ft, 8-sp Automatic. An option is the 6-sp Manual, 4-door rear wheel drive with 240 bhp and 255 lb-ft horsepower.

Another option is the ActiveHybrid 3 Sedan at $51,145 base MSRP, a 4-door rear wheel drive car with 335 bhp and 330 lb-ft horsepower.