2017 BMW X3 Changes, Specs

The 2017 BMW X3 is an immaculate, completely redesigned crossover SUV expected to take the automobile market by storm with its peak level of performance and a wide assortment of comfort features. This newest model of BMW X3 is expected to be sleeker, lighter and equipped with a host of new features.

2017 BMW X3 front look

2017 BMW X3 – Exterior and Interior:

The all new 2017 BMW X3 flaunts a freshly redesigned look with a strikingly streamlined body and swanking color choices to match. One interesting fact is that it will be smaller, especially around the segment part. Spy shots circulated around the internet reveal a more or less rounded front dotted with a new set of headlights as well as grille that looks simple yet impressionable. The rear section of the car is wholly covered with round taillight elements peeping out of the cover. The raked windows and grand rear doors only lend a sportier effect without compromising on interior space. All in all, the BMW X3 2017 will be lower and wider than its predecessor.

The BMW X3 2017 is expected to outshine all contemporary models with its fascinating new interior. Intricate detailing to the likes of a dashboard is supposed to grace the insides of the car. Optional equipment includes a rear-view camera as well as dual climate-control system. The boot will be bigger with plenty of comfort features to allow a hassle-free long drives.

2017 BMW X3 interior

2017 BMW X3 – Engine and Performance:

Reports elaborate that the newest 2017 BMW X3 SUV will be endowed with the similar engines as the present model- 4-cylinder petrol, diesel variant and a 3.0 l cylinder engine. Although at the present moment, there is no factual data regarding the possible value of M version, experts suggest that X3 M may be equipped with an engine that produces up to 425 horsepower. Moreover, the brand-new X3 will also come with the option of a hybrid plug-in version.

The new BMW X3 offers 8-speed automatic transmission along with an automatic start and stop system. This allows better fuel economy by saving fuel whenever the engine comes to a halt and starting it again when the foot is removed from the brake. The 2 liter- diesel engine will produce a torque of 280 lb-ft and 180 hp. The fuel economy will be great with a value of 30 mpg.

2017 BMW X3 rear

2017 BMW X3 – Price and Release Date:

According to recent reports, the 2017 BMW X3 is at its testing phase currently and is slated to be unveiled probably in 2016. Remodeled by Calvin Luc, it is expected to be an upgraded version of its predecessor in terms of interior, features and appearance. Being smaller, prettier and lighter, BMW X3 is expected to appeal to a bigger audience this time. While the base model is anticipated to cost $40,000, the fully equipped one will make the wallet lighter by $ 60,000. Its manufacturing and redesign will be complete by end of the 2016 and it will, in all probability hit the markets by spring of 2017.