2017 BMW Z5 Price, Specs

BMW is known for producing exceptional convertible sport cars that combine luxury with sportiness. A most recent example is the Z4 but BMW has an ongoing tradition of rear wheel drive convertible 2 seaters like the BMW Z3, Z8 and Z1. As BMW is shaping its future with models like the I3 and I8, it is also trying to keep the sporty character that has always defined the brand. Recently BMW has formed a partnership with TOYOTA that includes the joint development of the 2017 BMW Z5 and the next generation version of the SCION FR-S. This joint development will be based on the design and production of a new rear wheel short wheelbase platform. This platform will be the base for the above vehicles. The all new BMW Z5 will be placed above the current Z4 and will probably demand a higher price tag although there is no information regarding price levels at this time.

2017 BMW Z5 front view
2017 BMW Z5 – Refreshed Body Design:

Regarding the exterior as well as the interior design there is limited information available at the time. There are currently only spy photos available regarding the exterior design and they reveal only a handful of information. It is worth being noted that the 2017 BMW Z5 will feature a soft top design, a controversial move given that most recent BMW convertibles have all featured a hard top design. The benefits of that move will be a lower center of gravity that translates to better overall handling performance of the vehicle and also icreaded savings in weight. Also the new BMW Z5 will feature a new suspension design as well as various carbon body parts that will further reduce the weight of the car. On the interior, the 2017 BMW Z5 is going to be luxurious and sporty at the same time as any BMW. As limited information is available, it is considered that BMW will pack the car with its latest technological equipment that includes a smart touch screen design , wireless connectivity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as a more ergonomically designed steering wheel.

2017 BMW Z5 interior
2017 BMW Z5 – Engine and Horsepower:

Limited information is also available in the engine department. It is yet unknown what engines the BMW Z5 will come with. Obvious choices considering the current engine availability ,show that the power output will be ranging between 190 hp and 425 hp for the Z5M. Most of the engine choices if not all will be turbocharged with a speculated entry-level 2.0-liter engine with possible power output of 241 hp and 350 Nm of torque as well as a six-cylinder producing 335 HP and 450 NM.

2017 BMW Z5 rear

2017 BMW Z5 – Price, Release Date and Rival:

The 2017 BMW Z5 will possibly be priced above the $50,000 price range of the Z4. The BMW Z5 is set to rival entry level versions of the PORSCHE’s 911 and JAGUAR’s F TYPE. The release date has not been confirmed yet, but estimations show that the model will be introduced during 2017. BMW with its history of high performance convertible sporty vehicles will made sure to make the Z5 an attractive choice for future buyers.