2017 Dodge Charger Concept

It is expected that 2017 Dodge Charger will arrive in the market by the year 2016. The car will get some decent updates right in accordance with the ongoing demands. The design will get some prominent addition, but main theme will stay intact so that Dodge’s character for which it is famous can be recognized. Charger is normally placed in the category of luxurious sedans, which are decent options while you are travelling on the roads of city. The 2017 model will be presented in the form of 8th generation.

2017 Dodge Charger front

2017 Dodge Charger – Design, Features

The makers are focusing upon keeping the retro appearance intact, but framework will definitely has to face some prominent changes which can’t be associated with the earlier models. The outlines will be enthralling so the overall appearance will be altered to a great extent. For providing best visual assistance LED lights have been included. Wheels will be of 20 inches and must be reflecting powerful performance. The framework will be redesigned and the anterior LED headlights will get smaller and rounder. It will be a compact vehicle that will fall in the comfort zone of majority. Features such as spoiler, bumper and consumption of air will get the much-needed modifications. Interior will have the inclusion on high quality materials and modernized devices. The furniture will also get updated and most importantly the security related features have been given some strong support in the upcoming model. The car can accommodate five passengers on seats that are being protected by synthetic leather covering. The entire theme of cabin is black so elegance is reflected all the time.

2017 Dodge Charger interior

2017 Dodge Charger – Engine options:

The engine will be V6 & V8, but you should exclude the presence of turbo imposed 4, cylinders. The engine will be Hemi V8 & 6.4 l with 485 hp, and it is capable of putting up a great performance upon road. It will be paired with 8, speed automatic transmission along with the double clutch and power transferring capabilities to 4 wheels of the vehicle. The 2017 version is being offered with a good number of options related with motor as it can be V8 or the V6 engine for SRT model.

Fuel economy:

The expected fuel economy will be better than 19 mpg upon city and 31 mpg on highways.

Safety and competition:

The safety features which will be added in 2017 Dodge Charger are being mentioned below

  • Security System
  • Rear View camera
  • Anti-Whiplash
  • Pretensioners
  • Overhead and knee airbags
  • Side impact airbags
  • Antilock brakes
  • Stability Control
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Front air bags

2017 Dodge Charger rear

2017 Dodge Charger – Release date and price:

The 2017 Dodge Charger will arrive in market by the end year 2016, but no confirm date has been given yet. The price for SRT8 version will range from $28,565 to $47,536.