2017 Ford Atlas Release Date, Specs

Since the unveiling of the Ford Atlas concept in 2013 at the Detroit auto show, we have seen many versions of the line up with amazing features and performance capability being released every year. In the prominent place of the Ford line up, there is the Ford 150 series which is typically among the best Ford trucks occupying the top position. However, Ford has announced a sibling of the F150 model, the 2017 Ford Atlas. According to the manufacturer, this model is a showcase of thorough and skillful research on fuel efficiency, potential technologies and the overall capacity adjustment.

2017 Ford Atlas front

2017 Ford Atlas – Design and Features:

Regarding the exterior, the new 2017 Ford Atlas will have a strong and wind resistant fascia alongside rectangular grille for the dual-deck front lights. The pickup will have five doors, a chrome mask wrapping at the front, and several points for tying up the ropes.

The interior is designed with quite exhilarating and refreshing backdrop composed of black and gray shading. The driver’s comfort is well taken care of in this model with the seats made from natural and soft leather material. In front of the driver is a fully integrated touch screen with a wide array of features. The back seats also have screens to keep other passengers entertained throughout. The whole cabin will be entirely blue. The New Noise audio system with diverse weblink options and air conditioning system completes the interior set up of the 2017 Ford Atlas.

2017 Ford Atlas interior

2017 Ford Atlas – Powered for Efficiency:

The 2017 model will be equipped with a powerful powertrain consisting of 5.0 liter V8 engine capable of delivering up to 360 hp and 380 lbs per foot. According to the manufacturer, the engine is capable of attaining a 60 mph speed within 8 seconds which is a milestone development in the lineup.

The engine is also graced with a six-speed automatic gearbox with both rear wheel and all wheel modes which is an effective transmission system for a pickup. Due to the fuel guzzling nature of the Ford lineups, the manufacturer has decided to reduce the weight by introducing aluminium HVAC system.

There is also a speculation that the Ford Atlas will have several engine options.

2017 Ford Atlas rear

2017 Ford Atlas – Powertrain:

The Ford Atlas is expected to hit the market sometime in mid-2016. According to reliable sources, the manufacturing process for this vehicle has already begun. The price for the new Ford Atlas Truck is expected to be between $ 21,000 for a base model with minimized equipment to $51,000 for a full package model.

There has been complains from Ford loyal customers on the delay with the release of the new 2017 Ford Atlas, but this is something expected to end soon given that the manufacturing process has already begun.