2017 Ford GT Price, Top speed

The new 2017 Ford GT is an incredible sports car. This new model is super stylized and has a super modern design. It has a large number of modifications that are designed to make it go faster and drive smoother. It is built using the latest technology. Both the interior and the exterior have been designed to be comfortable and safe. The exterior is both functional and flashy, while the interior is simpler and sporty. Racing enthusiasts are sure to love this new model, and with all the added safety features this car will be just as home on the road or at the racetrack.

2017 Ford GT front view

2017 Ford GT – Stylish Exterior Design:

The exterior of the 2017 Ford GT is sleek and sporty. It is highly stylized and is designed to look impressive. Ford has chosen to use a special metallic blue paint for this vehicle, but it is also available in other colors. It has a prominent spoiler and wings that rise and tilt as the car is driven. The tail lights help cool down the engine by acting as heat exhausts. They have been designed to be both impressive looking and functional. The carbon fiber hand laid chassis and bodywork are both expertly crafted and extremely lightweight. This super light car also has ultralight carbon fiber wheels. The doors swing up and forward to allow the driver and passenger to enter and exit the car.

The interior of the 2017 Ford GT sports car is simple but still comfortable, stylish and super modern. Two people, including the driver, can sit comfortably in this two door hardtop. Despite being a small, low car, there is still plenty of leg room for both the driver and the passenger. The interior is modernized and upgraded while still staying simple and uncomplicated. There are paddle shifters behind the steering wheel, and controls are integrated into the steering wheel. The console has been upgraded to Ford’s new Sync 3 infotainment system and uses a touchscreen display. The driver and the passenger have access to a wide range of information and controls at the touch of their fingertips, including sophisticated climate control and audio entertainment systems. A back-up camera helps the diver back up safely.

2017 Ford GT interior

2017 Ford GT – Engine and Performance:

The 2017 Ford GT is a very impressive and powerful car that has a powerful engine. It has a twin charged direct injected 3.5-liter V-6 engine with 600 hp. It also comes with Eco Boost and powertrain, for more powerful driving and better fuel efficiency. The 7 speed dual clutch gearbox makes this car easy to drive and makes speeding up or climbing hills easy and fast. The powerful engine is aided by high quality carbon ceramic Bremo brake rotors and calipers and an active suspension that lowers for better stability when the car reaches high-speed.

2017 Ford GT rear view

2017 Ford GT – Price and Release Date

Ford has not released an official price for the 2017 Ford GT, but experts estimate that this high-end sports car will start at $250,000. It will have a limited release. There is not an official release date set yet, but it is expected to be released in the middle of 2016.