2017 Honda Civic Review

Honda is one of the auto brands that normally provide users with new thing in all their release. For that reason, Honda fans and users normally find it important to go for new release in the market due to improvement that normally comes with them.For that reason the upcoming 2017 Honda Civic is also coming with wonderful and ageless features which will present it on top of the list of best sedans coming into the market in the year 2017.

2017 Honda Civic front view

2017 Honda Civic – Design, Features:

The exterior of 2017 Honda Civic is made with stunning and sparkling design which will attract more new buyers to the automaker. One of the obvious exterior features of this vehicle is the wraparound taillight which made the vehicle completely different from the predecessors. It is also coming as 5-door hatchback coupled with well redesigned front headlight, bonnet and wheels making it wonderful and perfect for those that love to ride well designed vehicle. The volume of the trunk is 11.7 feet which is nice for those that want to take this car to long trip. This long awaited vehicle is coming with finest seat covers, seats with quality material, quality speakers, audio system, large screen display and other wonderful and graceful designs making it the best among the equals.

2017 Honda Civic interior

2017 Honda Civic – Engine Options:

As for the engine options associated with 2017 Honda Civic, it is coming with sophisticated IVTEC engine. The first engine option is 1.5-liter with 192 lb-ft of torque. There is also going to be entirely new turbocharged engine which will provide users with unending happiness and enjoyment. There is also expectation that this car will be coming with a 2.0-liter IVTEC engine built with professionalism and expertise making this engine to produce 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. These engines are expected to offer users with wonderful and graceful experience in their entire journey.

 Fuel Economy:

Due to high improvement associated with the engine option of 2017 Honda Civic it is going to provide users with more fuel consumption economy when compared with the 2016 model. The city ride fuel consumption economy associated with this vehicle is 44 mpg and highway is 45 mpg. This is among the things that made Honda to continue attracting more new buyers to their company every time.

Safety Features and Competition:

While most people thought that Honda is not good in terms of providing users of their brand with enough safety features, this 2017 Honda Civic is going to be an exception. This vehicle is coming with wonderful and high-tech safety features and other security components that will make users to be sure of their safety while on their cruise with the vehicle. The safety features associated with this vehicle include: Forward collision warning, track or lane departure sensor, rear view camera, packing assistant, traction control, stability control, airbags, seat belts and other possible safety features. The competing brands to this wonderful vehicle include: Ford Focus ST, Volkswagen Golf GTI and others.

2017 Honda Civic rear view

 2017 Honda Civic – Release Date and Price:

 It is anticipated that 2017 Honda Civic will be released into the world car market in the early 2017. But, the automaker has not really scheduled the actual release date for it. The price is still under speculative and is expected to be $35,000 which is highly competitive when compared with the price of the competing brands.