2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept

The 2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept is a vehicle that will for sure bring out elegance and high performance. This is because it is expected that this car will undergo some design changes to make it even more elegant than the previous model. This vehicle will also be endowed with a strong engine that will make it perform well and provide users with enjoyable driving experiences.

2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept FRONT

2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept – Exterior and Interior Design

To maintain tradition and impress people who like the Lincoln vehicles, this new 2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept will maintain the classy and bold look. However, there will be some improvements on various features so as to keep up with the constantly evolving market. This vehicle is expected to maintain the twin grille on the front end which will have in-built fog lights and will make the vehicle look elegant. The bumper on this vehicle will be enlarged by a few inches to make the car look more powerful. On the front part of this vehicle there will be redesigned LED head lights which will be useful in making this car look sleeker and also providing the driver with better vision especially while driving in places with poor visibility. This vehicle will also have large air intakes on the front which will allow air to get into the engine and front braking system. The roof of the 2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept will have a sweeping shape which will be useful in enhancing the looks of the car and also speed. The rear side of this car will also undergo several improvements to make the vehicle more stylish.


The company making the 2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept is expected to ensure the driver and the passengers inside this vehicle get optimum comfort. One of the features that will enhance comfort is the soft leather covering the seats. These seats will be arranged in a manner that there will be ample space for everyone. This vehicle will also have a beautiful trim made of leather, real wood and other quality materials. This trim will make the interior more attractive by matching the door panels and this will create a more relaxed interior atmosphere. The gear knob and the steering wheel of this vehicle will also be covered with leather which will make controlling this vehicle easier. On the dashboard there will be a 10.1 inch color touch screen which will be useful in helping the driver control different features of the vehicle such as the improved infotainment unit. This screen will also alert the driver in case features such as the fuel level or pressure level are not functioning efficiently. This vehicle will also have various connection options which include wireless Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hot spot and a USB port amongst others.

2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept interior

2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept – Engine and Performance

This 2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept will be powered by different engines including hybrid engines. The primary engine will be a 3.0 liter EcoBoost engine that will have the ability to produce a torque of 318 pound feet and 295 hp. This particular engine will be paired with a six speed dual clutch automatic transmission and an all wheel drive. The engine will also be made in a way that it will have high fuel efficiency especially because it will also have the hybrid option.

2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept rear view

2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept – Release Date and Price

The release date of the 2017 Lincoln MKZ Concept is expected to be around mid 2016 after everything has been finalized and the starting price will be about $41, 000.