2017 Lincoln Navigator Price, Specs

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator is one of the SUVs whose release is highly anticipated by both buyers and experts in auto matters. This anticipation is attributed to expectations that this SUV will be endowed with outstanding luxurious and elegant features. This modern luxurious SUV has a classy appearance which sets it apart from other vehicles in the same category. The interior is equipped with modern features which are made using the latest technologies to provide optimum luxury and comfort. This luxury SUV has a better power train that provides the vehicle with ample power to navigate through different kinds of terrains.

2017 Lincoln Navigator front view
2017 Lincoln Navigator – New Design and Style

The design of this new 2017 Lincoln Navigator is based on the 2015 Ford F-15 that is one of the most luxurious and powerful SUV to be produced. All the other three past generations of this vehicle have been shedding some weight with every new vehicle being lighter than the previous ones. This new vehicle is also lighter than its predecessor since its body is made mainly using aluminum. Consequently, the vehicle is able to move faster and also have higher fuel efficiency. The front area comes with a full length grille that runs from end to end. The headlights have also been made sleeker through being restyled and inclusion of modern LED bulbs which are more powerful and power efficient. This 2017 Lincoln Navigator also gets a wider bumper which plays an integral role in making the vehicle look more powerful. To enhance performance in off road terrains, this modern SUV has stronger suspensions and big off road wheels. The back area of 2017 Lincoln Navigator  has also undergone some improvements where this new vehicle gets sharper taillights and an upgraded exhaust system. There is variety when it comes to colors since this vehicle is available in a variety of colors.


The fact that the 2017 Lincoln Navigator is relatively longer than its predecessor translates to having more interior space. This space is enough to hold three rows of seats for eight passengers and also large cargo space. All the seats inside the vehicle are covered using leather and use the latest heating technology. Comfort is further enhanced by the modern zonal climate regulating system which ensures that the interior temperatures are always cool. This SUV is endowed with automatically opening windows and a keyless starting system. There is also an upgraded infotainment system which allows the occupants of this vehicle enjoy quality entertainment. On the back side of the seats in the two front rows there are LCD screens which ensure every one gets to experience then entertainment. While inside this vehicle one can enjoy connecting through a number of connection options which include; wireless Bluetooth, GPRS, USB ports, smart phone connection and satellite navigation. The dashboard of the vehicle before this was greatly improved and therefore this new vehicle copies a lot of the dashboard features from the previous model with just a few additions.

2017 Lincoln Navigator interior2017 Lincoln Navigator – Engine Options

Provision of power on the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will be through a 3.5 liter V6 EcoBoost unit with ability to produce 380 HP and 460 lb-ft of torque. This engine is mated with an eight speed automated transmission and is available in all wheel drive system. This powerful engine has high fuel efficiency consequently allowing users spend lesser on fuel. The engine can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 6 seconds therefore making the vehicle a powerful and fast vehicle.

2017 Lincoln Navigator side view
2017 Lincoln Navigator – Release Date and Price

Information from reliable sources indicates that the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will be available for sale during the second half of 2016 and its starting price will be about $ 60,000.