2017 Mercedes E Class

2017 Mercedes E Class is a lineup of executive cars from Mercedes. The E class is being produced since 1993 across five generations of vehicle designs and upgrades. The latest 5th generation models are yet to be launched in market and marks a sharp shift to lighter chassis, better technology kit and shift towards a new engine, making this the most expensive midlife facelift in the history of this automobile.

2017 Mercedes E Class front view

2017 Mercedes E Class – Design Updates:

The new Mercedes E Class will be based on Mercedes Modular Rear Wheel Architecture (MRA) platform, which features extensive use of light metals like aluminum. The MRA platform, debuted in C Class, also forms the chassis of the compact SUV: 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC. The new E class will thus be more rigid, lighter and more fuel-efficient than previous models. The MRA platform is known for supporting alternative drive trains as well.

The new 2017 Mercedes E Class will bear resemblance to its smaller cousin C class carrying same rounded design with big, wide bullet shaped headlights and front daytime LED running lights, upright chrome grille and small tail lights. The MRA platform allows the chassis to be about 90 percent stiffer and 20 percent lighter than its predecessors.

The prototypes suggest a longer wheelbase for new E class than current models. The E class will be offered in five body styles: convertible, coupe, wagon, long wheelbase sedan (likely a Mercedes Maybach variant) and sedan.

The 2017 Mercedes E Class wagon provides about 695 to 1,950 liters of cargo space. The new model will offer a more improved figure keeping in consideration the increase in length by about 5 meters.

The inspiration for interiors arrives from both S class (posh and serious design) and C class (youthful and sportier design). The new E class has a digital touch screen interface above central console, displacing the full digital driver display with two analogue dials separated by a screen of existing E class models. The touch screen is followed by four round air vents below it, and switch gears and three spoke steering wheel resembling that of C class. The digital screen possibly taps into all of the car’s electrical systems.

Infotainment, Safety and Driver Assist

The 2017 Mercedes E Class offers new internet enabled telematics generation infotainment systems on new generation E class boasts of high performance multimedia devices and navigation systems. Paired with a Bluetooth enabled smart phone with data option, the COMAND online multimedia system in E class will offer internet functionality, allowing internet to be surfed while the vehicle is stationary without restrictions. Mercedes-Benz apps like Mercedes-Benz Radio and Service Mercedes Benz can also be used for the ultimate moves.

2017 Mercedes E Class comes with a standard basic telephony feature which connects mobiles phones with the vehicle via standardized Bluetooth interface and fitted with hands free function. It can also be used with 4G LTE network. 4G location independent wireless broadband internet access enables upload speed of 75 Mbps and download speeds of 30 Mbps.

Like previous models, three multimedia systems will be available: standard Audio 2.0 CD, COMAND online system including DVD single drive and 7 inch color media display.

Upgraded technology kit features remote parking pilot, pre safe plus, attention assist, etc.

2017 Mercedes E Class interior

2017 Mercedes E Class – Engine Offerings:

Following BMW’s strategy of employing modular design to engines, allowing the sharing of components between its various models, Mercedes has made its shift from V6 engine to inline 6 engines. This will allow the components to be shared with the smaller three and four-cylinder units.

A high performance Mercedes-AMG E63 will adopt the 600 horsepower 4 liter twin turbocharged V8. Announcements of diesel and gasoline hybrids on E class (W213) have also been followed. A 15-20 kW electric motor will be coupled to the diesel or gasoline units, which can be boosted to 75-120 kW if market demand arises.

2017 Mercedes E Class belongs to a new generation of four-cylinder diesel engines (2 liter displacement). It will be offered on E class along with gasoline 4 cylinder units. Carbon emissions of new generation diesel units have been rumored to be less than 0,22 pounds per 0,62 mile.

Transmission Kit

Speculations about transmission kits suggested that a revamped version of 8 speed automatic transmission and rear wheel drive only configuration will be offered.



2017 Audi A6 and 2017 BMW 5 series are the main rivals of new 2017 Mercedes E Class.

2017 Mercedes E Class rear

2017 Mercedes E Class – Price and Availability:

Details about price and release dates of new 2017 Mercedes E Class will be available following the Detroit Motor Show of 2016.