2017 Nissan Titan Specs, Price

Nissan Titan is one of the strongest trucks with increased and well improved off-road capability. The upcoming 2017 Nissan Titan is coming with wonderful features that will enhance the overall performance and functionality. For that reason, if you are looking for strong truck that will accompany you to your work site, this Nissan Titan 2017 model will make right choice for you.

2017 Nissan Titan front view

 2017 Nissan Titan – Design, Features and Specs:

Selection of top quality and lightweight sturdy material for designing of the upcoming 2017 Nissan Titan is just the first step the manufacturers took making the vehicle more competitive than ever. The light weight material used in the production of exterior part of this vehicle helped to reduced overall weight of the vehicle. The front end is built with well-shaped front headlamp with latest improved technology. The interior part will come in three distinctive models which are Extended Cab, Crew Cab and Titan regular Cab. More so, the interior come with specious cabin as well as other technologically improved ads which improve comfort and pleasure to the users. There is large screen display, quality Bluetooth connectivity, 8-speaker audio high-quality system, navigation system, dual zone air conditioner and others.

2017 Nissan Titan interior

2017 Nissan Titan – Engine Options:

The basic engine option of 2017 Nissan Titan is expected to be same gas found in the current model of this vehicle.  This engine is 5.6-liters V8 engine with enormous 317 horses and 385 lb-ft of torque. This engine will be mated with 5-speed automatic transmission system. As for the acceleration of this top quality engine it accelerates from 0-60 mph as well as 115 miles just within an hour. There are other wonderful and great engine option expected to come with this vehicle will enhance overall performance and functionality of the vehicle.

Fuel Economy:

Despite great performance and wonderful functionalities associated with this 2017 Nissan Titan it still offer higher fuel consumption efficiency more than other brands in the market. For that reason, users will enjoy 15 mpg combined both city and highway drive. But the diesel engine will offer users 26 mpg combined for both city and highway cruise.

Safety Features and Competition:

Your safety will be greatly guaranteed with new Nissan Titan as it is loaded with technologically improved safety features. Some of the safety oriented features associated with this vehicle include: forward collision warning, lane departure warning, cruise control, Stability control, Traction Control, Airbag, seat belts and other great and wonderful features making it well secured vehicle. The competing brands to this vehicle include Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra, Chevrolet Silverado and others. However, the truth is that this vehicle has what it takes to beat other competing brands within the category.

2017 Nissan Titan rear view

 2017 Nissan Titan – Release Date and Price:

The release date of this vehicle has been anticipated to be within the middle or the end of 2016 as 2017 model.  But the automaker has not really revealed the actual release date for 2017 Nissan Titan. The price on the other hand is going to be in the range of $22,000 to $31,000 or the base trim level engine.