Audi A1 2017 Review

The Audi A1 2017 is coming with a new design both in its interior and exterior making the car more attractive than the previous model. The improvements have made this car highly anticipated by the lovers of Audi versions. Although the exterior will come with the same general appearance as the current version, it is clearly expected that more enhancements will be made. Also, the automakers of this car have introduced new interior features and upgraded the available one. Additionally, its power source will be reinforced enhancing its fuel economy. The car will come with a wide range of colors giving buyers more options to choose from.

Audi A1 2017 front

Audi A1 2017 – New Fresh Look:

Audi A1 2017 is coming with completely new and modern designs. Customers will be able to customize specific styles according to their preference making them fit their needs. The cars grill will be the first thing to be noticed when it comes to the exterior of Audi A1 2017. The front area will be covered by the grille making it appear aggressive. To add on the cars aggressive look, restyled headlights with a more rectangular shape than before will be installed. The car will also come with wider bumpers that will primarily be protecting and covering the front area. This will add more attractive appearance to the exterior of the car. On the lower front area, large air spaces will be installed providing cooling air to the engine. On the rear area of this car, well-shaped tail lights will be installed giving a more elegant appearance to the entire backside. Side mirror caps and sensing wipers will be other external aspects to be seen in this car.

Audi A1 2017 hatcback will be equipped with modern features in its exterior including new infotainment system and air conditioning units. The car will come with the latest technology, where a high internet connection and wireless Bluetooth will be installed. Surprisingly, the car will have auto-opening windows as well as a key-less starting option. To give the user better control, the steering wheel will be made with more sensitivity. On the dashboard, a large touch screen will compliment simple lighting to ensure the driver see all the attributes during the night. Furthermore, the safety of the car has been enhanced by strong seat belts and automatic airbags. Adjustable seats that are leather-covered have been arranged in such a way that the interior will be more spacious giving users more comfort.

Audi A1 2017 interior

Audi A1 2017 – Engine and Power:

Audi A1 2017 will come with two engine choices. The first option will be a 1.4-liter engine that will produce 182 hp. The engine will be matched to either an automatic or manual seven-speed transmission. Regarding the fuel economy, the engine will have excellent fuel consumption. These significant improvements will make the car a perfect match to suit the modern competitive market.

Audi A1 2017 side

Audi A1 2017 – Price and Expected Arival:

The automakers of this car are planning to launch the new Audi A1 in the market during the first half of 2016. Its price is anticipated to be about $19,000.