Hyundai Accent 2017 Release Date, Specs

The Hyundai Accent 2017 is a 5-door hatchback innovated to suit the relentless generation who has the power to purchase a stunner like this in the year 2017. With an automobile boost in every market of every country, we have several new cars coming in the year 2017. However, Hyundai Accent 2017 is the most sought after and awaited hatchback with its high quality and superiority. With excellence a class of its own, the Hyundai Accent hatchback  has several features and changes that have been worked upon. The coupe thus created has additional features, a comfortable interior, an exterior to look out for, while the rate to be wary about however the performance that would give you the much-needed boost up to the driver’s seat.

Hyundai Accent 2017 front

Hyundai Accent 2017 – New Interior Design

With Hyundai Accent 2017 is the most sought after car of the year 2017, we have a little about the expected interior of the sedan and the hatchback of the steering coupe. Along with understanding that the basic amenities are fixed such as audio, climate and phone connectivity buttons would be in place while the space or the leg area in common lingo in a sedan would sum up to 3.7 cubic foot while more space can be created and the rear seat can be folded to accommodate big objects. While the sedan is made for leg room the hatchback is like a carrier with a 47.5 cubic feet after the folding of the rear seats. While these features are the ones open in the market, the expected amenities and interiors can be more exciting to look out for.


The exterior need not be only artistically made but safety should also be taken into deliberation. The lights on the front and the rear would have enough voltage with stylized and safely inbuilt look. With the handles and the door seeming to delve into the whole structure We have appealing lights, mirrors, grille etc. Even the glass is expected to be of high quality.

Hyundai Accent 2017 interior

Hyundai Accent 2017 – Engine and Performance

While navigating through all the insides and the outsides of the Hyundai Accent 2017, we have the engine and its performance to be the main factors of purchasing this vehicle. While looking at the touch buttons for easy access placed inside and looking at the structure outside we need to comprehend the horsepower that its engine would create and the performance that takes to acquire this automobile. With a 1.6 liter inline -4, a 137 hp @ 6.300 rpm, 123 lb-ft of torque @ 4.850 rpm, EPA city/highway fuel economy: 27/38 mpg (manual), 26/37 mpg (automatic), we have an engine to look out for. Thus the expected performance would be a thrill to even drive it virtually however awaiting and testing it would be quite an expectation not to miss out.

Hyundai Accent 2017 side

Hyundai Accent 2017 – Price and Release Date

With the release in the last months of 2016, it might release in 2017. The economical aspect of Hyundai Accent 2017 is to get the most out of the amount you give and a $16, 000 for so much hardly matters. We need to look out for more features coming our way by the end of 2016.